About Us

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Bonnefire is a legal recreational dispensary offering the best products in the cannabis industry.

Our goal has always been to redefine the Canadian cannabis retail experience, one where the free exchange of knowledge is at its core. Our vision has always been to create an independent space to allow people from all walks of life to gather and celebrate the plant that brings us so much joy. Our company’s vision is to be the most welcoming and educational dispensary, where customers can freely browse, attend workshops and engage with our knowledgeable staff if desired. We find this approach allows for the free exchange of ideas, experiences and information between our staff and customers and even between customers themselves. As one of the only truly independent cannabis retailers, Bonnefire takes great pride in its ability to operate without bias or agenda, and this is appreciated by our guests.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the entire community for all the support! We feel fortunate to have this amazing opportunity. Thank you!

We are confident you will enjoy the Bonnefire difference!

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Team Bonnefire

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